Monday, 9 November 2015

A change of plan

I thought I should do a bit of a catch up as stuff has happened since the last one. First off, Richard of Indigo Dream kindly let us know that he was able to obtain a Nespresso machine for us very cheaply by ordering a largish quantity of the capsules, something he was about to do anyway.

As a result, he's got us an Inissia for a price I won't mention here in case of jealousy, but it won't bother the credit card, let's say. We now possess ourselves with patience until he and Sue are next up here. What good friends they are, and all down to the power of the blog.

Next up, we've been having a good time here in the lodge and gave Elanor and Sally sanctuary from the Burton fireworks both last weekend and this. They slept in the boat whilst we stayed in Walnut. The only thing is, we've become so attached to lodge life and its conveniences that the thought of letting it out gets harder and harder.

In fact, we've decided that comfort and convenience are more important to us than raking in every last penny we can make, so we've decided to stop letting. We'll honour the existing bookings, obviously, but by the end of next summer, we'll be able to use the lodge as our alternative to boat living, staying in it over the winter (except for the closed month, mid January to mid February) and boating in the summer.

It's an odd feeling – the end of eleven years of exclusively liveaboard life – but the right one, I'm sure.

Finally, we had a brilliant evening yesterday. Peter and Mel of Inkling came across in time to see the marina firework display and stayed for dinner, our first non-family guests to do so. We get on really well with them, having very similar senses of humour and a good deal in common in other ways.

I'll blog again in a while, so don't give up on me!



Jo said...

Good to have the catch-up!
Lodge living isn't like house living - we think of it as a very wide wide beam!
Hmmm - coffee machines again. Wynne doesn't read blogs so I can ponder happily without tipping him off

Bruce in Sanity said...

Reminds me, must talk to Wynne about another router as the one on SA is plumbed in and we could use one up here.



Bungle said...

So, will the new blog be called "Slowly going (wal)nuts"?

I'll get my coat.....

Bruce in Sanity said...

Dear oh dear, Bungle!

Walnuts are very nutritious and a good component of a veggie diet (cue for a link to the WRG fundraiser...).