Saturday, 13 February 2016

The Nespresso capsule mystery

Not long after breakfast this morning, some kind soul left five Nespresso capsules in a neat plastic bag in our well deck.

No idea who it was, but thank you, anyway!

In other news, Sheila, after a bit of consultant's secretary hassling, has finally got a date for her second op. It's on the 8th of June, so we have time to go up to Braidbar and get the Webasto fitted in place of the Hurricane before coming back for my eye appointments and Sheila's op.

We'll be leaving in the second week of April, after seeing the dentist.

I will resist suggestions to have eye surgery this summer when I'm in clinic, or we'll be the blind leading the lame. Or vice versa, of course.


NB Brecon said...

Why are you removing your hurricane boiler, I'm just about to have my webasto removed and a hurriciane boiler fitted... Kindest regards Kevin NB Brecon

Bruce in Sanity said...

Because it's broken down twice in the last three winters and was erratic about starting all last summer. Last time it cost £500 to replace the compressor, the symptoms are just the same this time and I'm fed up with the stress of not knowing if it's going to work or not. It's a well designed piece of kit with lousy reliability and Braidbar are no longer offering it as an option.

When it failed this time, I did email Calcutt about it but never had the courtesy of a reply.

Our change of lifestyle from permanent liveaboard to extended cruiser means we don't need a pressure jet boiler any more. If we did still need one, I'd consider the Kabola, not the Hurricane.



NB Brecon said...

Thank you very much Bruce, we are off to look at a Kabola now