Thursday, 3 March 2016

Marching on

We're back on the boat for three weeks whilst a couple of bookings in the lodge take place. The first has just finished, but it's not worth the faff and hassle of moving up there and back down again ten days later. Instead, we've had Pinelog change three floorboards in the living area which were either splitting or feathering.

This they did very willingly – we're now giving them (the boards, OK?) a couple of coats of oil to darken them up to match the others.

Social highlight recently was an evening in the Boardwalk pub with Jo, Wynne and Elanor. Tuesday night is now pie and quiz night in there. It was good fun even if the quiz master rather dragged things out. Elanor, who was working next day, had to leave before the end. Sally spent most of the evening kipping in the car but came into the pub for a bit between the meal and the quiz.

We didn't have a mat for her to lie on, so she didn't really want to settle, but it was good that she was very well behaved. Like us, she finds the decor in the Boardwalk rather unrestful. Mind you, it's improved in other ways since it first opened: service is much quicker and the portion sizes very good. The pies were delicious to boot. Prices are about the same as the Dragon in the village, so not cheap...

Tomorrow, we're dining at Peter and Katie's, yippee. Should be a good evening with our good friends.

And finally, the Mug Tug here, which does mug painting sessions for kids during the day, is offering an Adult Night on Wednesdays. The (slightly dirty) mind boggles...

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