Saturday, 30 April 2016

And so to Stone

We enjoyed our first experience of Rummikub, I think. It's a game that improves with practice, I guess. Elanor had actually brought her travel set with her when we were coming up, but we were too weary every evening to play. Never mind, next time she's with us we'll have to take her on.

With just a couple of hours to do today, we didn't set off until eight and had a good run to Meaford then on down the locks. We've tied in our usual spot near Roger Fuller's yard, which looks very quiet. After coffee, we walked into town and shopped at Morrisons for various perishable items. Since it was another cold damp day, we treated ourselves to a pasty apiece, Morrisons doing particularly good ones.

As we got back to the boat, there was Inkling working down the top lock, having been caught in the hail shower which blew through whilst we were in the store.

Back at the boat, we ate lunch, stoked the stove, rested awhile and pottered a bit. I checked the diesel tank as I've no feel yet for how much fuel the Webasto is using. With luck, we'll last to Mercia, but I'll keep a close eye on it.

Bunnies Warren came past later, pressing on down the locks. We've just exchanged texts with Ian and Sharon and agreed to meet in Great Haywood tomorrow. It's a bit further to go than we'd normally do in a day, but with the enticement of a meal and another good evening's entertainment, well worth it.

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