Sunday, 1 May 2016

Wet slog to GH

The day started well, sunny and so forth, and we got away just after seven. It took an hour to lock down Stone, Sheila locking and me steering. Bunnies Warren was just getting ready to go as we passed them but the gap between us was soon filled by Tara from a bit further along. We all chugged along fine until Weston, where an AngloWelsh pulled out in front of Tara, so now we had a convoy of four.

At the lock, we had to wait whilst a little Stone Canal Cruising boat struggled with it and everything got very busy. By now, it was quite windy and starting to rain. From there on, it was a bit of a slog, not the most enjoyable boating ever, I fear – queuing at locks, getting damp and chilled, and time ticking on, always with the uncertainty of whether we'd find a mooring at Great Haywood.

Arriving at half twelve, we actually had a choice of a couple of spaces, despite rather sloppy mooring by some of the boats already here. We got tied and shot below for restorative soup and sandwiches. Some serious resting followed after which we made an expedition to the Farm Shop. We've bought a few indulgent bits and bobs we didn't really need. Bunnies Warren is tied a couple of boats behind us; Ian and Sharon were also in the shop which bodes well for tonight, though they threatened to serve just broccoli and eggs, that being what they had in the basket...

We're snug back in the boat for now and looking forward to another merry evening ;)

Tomorrow, we have to decide whether to do a very short day to Brindley Bank or a longer one to Handsacre. We'll see how we feel in the morning.

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