Wednesday, 13 April 2016

North to Westport

In the end, we didn't go to the pub, sorry Jo! We were just too weary to stir out after dinner. It looks very smart from outside, and the entries in the BOG Pub Guide are positive.

It was a lazier start this morning as we only had about four hours to do to Westport. We were locking up Trentham at five to eight and had a good run along the pound into Stoke. It's both deep and wide, one of the few canal sections (as opposed to canalised river) where you can break the 4mph speed limit in Sanity Again.

I took the opportunity to make another batch of bread dough as we went along.

Elanor, Sally and I made short work of lock wheeling up Stoke. It helped that all the locks were with us and we had another fast run along the top pound past/through the site of Shelton steelworks. The moorings at the lake were quite busy, but we found a slot all right. Later on a three boat school cruise left and there was more choice.

We took a walk round the lake after lunch and checked out the little known sanitary facility in the base of the visitor centre. It's in the wall that faces the canal, opens with a BWB key and contains a disabled toilet and shower and an Elsan sluice. It's kept clean by the local council and doesn't appear on any of the guides.

It will be another relaxed start tomorrow, with only twenty minutes or so to the tunnel which doesn't open until eight o'clock.

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