Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Through Stone to Barlaston

It's been a shorter day today. We had a slightly easier start and set off a bit after seven. There was time to make a decent cup of coffee with the Nespresso machine before we reached Aston lock. It was my turn to steer but I handed over as we got to Stone. Having seen Sanity Again into Star lock, I nipped into the Co-op whilst Sheila and Elanor worked the boat.

After a successful shop, I got back to the cut as they were just about ready to pull out of Yard. Once clear of the Stone flight, Sheila started a washload running. Traffic started to appear as we came up Meaford, but it was never a big problem.

We got to Barlaston a bit before twelve with the washing just on its last rinse. After lunch, Elanor and I walked into the village in search of another lead for Sally. There's a small pet supplies and grooming shop, stuffed full of stock, where we got a very reasonably priced tape lead. It's needed for popping off the boat with Sal in the middle of the night and the like, something quicker and easier than the GenCon to put on for a brief trip out.

The weather hasn't been as dire as was originally forecast, but still rather cool and damp. I've lit the stove and dropped the cratch so that the washing can dry on a rack in the well deck. Although Sal is loose in the boat, she's very good about not trying to break out. Even when Geoff from Seyella knocked on the roof, she only let fly with a few barks.

Geoff stood and nattered with us for a bit – Seyella is tied on the Wedgwood moorings on her way south from her winter sojourn on the northern waterways.

We might venture out this evening; the Plume of Feathers has a Dogs Welcome sign up, so we'll take Sally with us for a quick drink. For the humans, that is.

Tomorrow, on, ever on, up through Stoke, aiming for Westport Lake.

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