Monday, 11 April 2016

The burst to Burston

Another day, another flying start. Sheila got going a bit before seven whilst Elanor and I dragged ourselves from our pits. Sally got up too, apparently much refreshed despite all her hard work yesterday. There's remarkably little traffic about and we got to Colwich almost too quickly for the locking crew. By the time we reached Great Haywood we were all more or less fully functional.

The locks on this stretch are awkwardly spaced, of course, but we managed to run a washload and I made a batch of bread dough, the first I've done for quite a while.

We crossed with Dangerous Dave on Rubyjack at Weston - he took a while to realise it was us, though Sally did strike him as familiar...

Sally is getting very chilled about hopping off the boat at locks. Indeed, at Sandon she left a bit before Elanor expected her to, so that Elanor had to jump quite quickly herself, Sal being on the lead at the time. The fields are still full of white woolly things and we're being very careful.

I was just putting the buns in the oven as we arrived here, so Elanor went out on her own to help Sheila tie. Since swinging on a centreline doesn't work well with holding 38 kilos of dog on a lead, she left Sally in the cabin with me. Sal was most indignant about not being allowed to help and bustled about indoors muttering and whining to herself.

Tomorrow, Aston, Stone and Meaford and a mooring at Barlaston, hopefully.

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Jo said...

Doing well! Operating like well-oiled professionals who haven't spent the winter lazing aboutg!!