Saturday, 23 April 2016

There and back again

All seemed well with the Webasto controller last night and it looked fine at half six this morning. But it wouldn't start the heater... It said it was, but nothing happened. So we decided to head back to Poynton in the hopes of getting it fixed on Monday. The nearest winding hole was at Bridge 33, the far side of Hurdsfield, but when we got there, although there was plenty of length, we couldn't get the bow far enough onto the mud to get round. In fact, we got well stuck for a bit but finally extricated ourselves.

We went on to where the Peak Forest hire base used to be and were able, with a little trouble, to wind there. Then we plodded back to Whiteley Green. Meantime, I had texted and phoned Peter with the bad news and cancelled our rendezvous with Ian and Sharon.

After consulting the expert, Steve Wedgwood at Kings Lock chandlery, Peter gave us a call and said he'd come out to us today. No wonder we love Braidbar and the Masons. He got here around half two, in the middle of a very busy day for himself, and spent time checking out the basics of fuel, water and power before swapping the controller for a basic one. The heater promptly started. Which it also did when he put the first one back...

(Scratches head.)

Anyway, he's left us with the basic one, which we'll see how it does over the rest of the weekend. We're going back to Poynton tomorrow anyway, where hopefully we'll be able to have our evening with Ian and Sharon.

Don't miss tomorrow's exciting instalment!

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