Friday, 22 April 2016

Off again

The batteries finally reached float after six and a bit hours last night. I reckon that the bank is on its last season; we had an interesting conversation with Peter about recent advances in maintenance free batteries – something to think about for September, probably.

Andy got cracking first thing and by ten all was finished and checked over by Peter. I had a session with Susan bringing the Braidbar Boat list up to date, including the next shell to be delivered, which will be number 165. I've got a bit of maintenance to do on that database to increase the engine options as the new bunch includes an electric boat and one with a Russell Newbery.

We set off just before eleven. I set out to wind outside the yard, but a combination of Tiree on the water point and a gusty wind in the wrong direction made it too difficult, so we went on to High Lane instead. In any event, I wasn't sorry to have a run away from the yard and back again just to make sure that all was well with the engine's fuel supply before we headed off. There was, naturally, no problem. When we stopped for the day at Whiteley Green, I lifted the engine boards and checked all the new joints in the pipework – again, all was well.

Whilst we were boating, I finished off making some bread I'd started first thing, so we were able to have hot rolls for lunch as we boated along. After a quiet post-prandial interlude, we walked along the Middlewood Way to Bollington and did a bit of top up shopping in the Co-op there. It's just over a mile each way and on the flat, of course, apart from the start and finish.

Tomorrow, on to Gurnett Aqueduct for a rendezvous with Ian and Sharon on Bunnies Warren.

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