Tuesday, 19 April 2016

What a nice day

It's been a beautiful day here, making up for the chilly weather over the weekend. John and Martina on Burnt Oak were getting some snagging done. It gave us a chance to chat to them and to Graham off Priscilla II who turned up. Whilst we were hanging about, a dedicated reader of this blog came seeking advice for his overheating engine.

I took a look at it for him, but it was apparent that it had developed a water leak and he went off to utilise his RCR membership. Writing this made me realise a) I never got his name and b) I never heard the final outcome! Sorry about that, hope you got it sorted without too much expense...

Once the work on Burnt Oak was done, Andy got back to our challenges. Putting the Webasto in is comparatively straightforward – a bracket had to be fabricated to take it and it's now in position – but retrofitting the Fuel-Guard is a bit trickier. Things are progressing there, though, with a bit more plumbing of fuel lines and the like to do.

Meantime, we didn't waste the fine weather. Sheila ran a washload yesterday and hung it out to dry on the bungalow whirligig today. We also mowed the lawn for Susan. Didn't take a lot off as it was the first cut of the season, but it looks a lot tidier for it. Finally, we gave the boat's roof a much needed wash before rewarding ourselves with ice creams.

Tomorrow, more work will be going on in the engine room and we're going out with Peter and Susan for a meal in the evening.

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