Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Progress continues

The Fuel-Guard is in and the plumbing for the Webasto mostly so, in that the fuel supply is connected and the wiring loom run through to where the controller will be in the bedroom. The exhaust still needs fitting and the water connections to be made.

The weather continuing to be brilliantly sunny and warm, Sheila has run and dried a couple more washloads. She also washed the well deck.

I bought and stowed two bags of mixed ovoids from the Trading Post, hopefully the last we'll need to get before the Autumn.

Apart from all that, some constructive loafing has been done... Oh, it's worth recording that one of the ball valves supplied with the Fuel-Guard was faulty. I emailed them about it just after lunch yesterday and a replacement arrived first class post today, so good customer service there.

We're off out with Peter and Susan tonight, Italian meal in Poynton, probably, and we're meeting Sheila's Peter and Jan for lunch tomorrow.

It's all go, I tell you ;)

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