Saturday, 30 July 2016

Another good day's boating but no news of the missing boat

It's a long enough run from Brindley Bank to Colwich Lock for Sheila to play her favourite game. We both woke a bit early and had a cup of tea in bed, then Sheila got up and started boating a bit after six. I made a more leisurely start, ate breakfast and took over for the rest of the distance to the lock. It was half against us but we were soon rising in the chamber.

By now, the alternator had done the bulk charging of the batteries (they are not getting very low at this time of year) and the water was good and hot, so I started a washload then made a cup of coffee with the Aeropress. (Have I told you about the Aeropress? Maybe not, remind me tomorrow.)

Sheila waited with the boat below Haywood whilst I nipped off to the shop for a loaf of bread. Once up the lock, I took over again so that she could rest her foot. As I was almost stopped and about to start the turn for the junction, there came a blast on a boat horn. Hard astern and wait...


Sheila peers through the bridge, no sign of a boat, so round we go. Just the other side of the bridge and hidden by the abutment, one of the AngloWelsh guys was doing the show through of the day boat for an excited hen party. No doubt he had been showing them how to work the horn ;)

Oy, settle down at the back you lot!

There was plenty of room to tie on Tixall. I printed off 20 copies of the flyer after a brief wrestle with the printer which ran out of coloured ink and then printed the alignment page squiffy. After hanging out the washing on the whirligig, Sheila walked along the Wide towpath talking to boaters whilst I went back to Haywood.

I dumped rubbish and recycling (no specific recycling bin here, boo) and left a flyer at the AngloWelsh office. Then I walked to Great Haywood Marina and gave one to the guy in charge there. Back I went to the Farm Shop for some supplies before handing out flyers to boats on the water point and tied between the junction and the lock.

Full of virtue, we had a good long loaf and some lunch. I've since walked the Wide towpath again, handing out flyers to boats that have arrived since the morning. I'd had to do a reprint, so we've dished out nearly thirty of the things. There's still a lot of discussion on the CWDF thread, but no confirmed sitings. Fingers crossed that the boat is spotted soon.

I think we'll sit tight tomorrow after today's efforts, then carry on towards Acton Trussell on Monday.

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