Sunday, 31 July 2016

Change of weather, change of plan

Nearly forgot to do this blog, whoops! I was reminded by the appearance of Eric who with his partner Lynn owns a Hudson tug, Stanley, and came along to chat having just moored behind us. They used to follow the Building Sanity Again blog when planning their own build.

We're not at Tixall any more – the forecast changed over time to show today as being dry and tomorrow wet. So we decided to carry on to above Deepmore/Deptmore lock today and to spend tomorrow hunkered down.

Mind you, the forecast has changed again and we may well carry on to Penkridge tomorrow after all. That's the great thing about boating, of course. As long as you've not set yourself an impossible cruising target, you can chop and change plans to your heart's content.

Anyway, we made a fairly leisurely start this morning and ambled off a bit before eight. Sheila ran a washload once we were well on the way and we had a generally pleasant morning, though for the first time on this cruise, it was cool enough to make wearing fleeces a good idea.

There's a fair bit of traffic about, but not enough to be tedious. Things were buzzing at Stafford Boat Club with a lot of caravans parked on the lawn. We had to wait below Deptmore for the boat in front to go up and I then worked a single hander down. By eleven we were neatly tied a few boat lengths above the lock, where it straightens out enough for a 70 footer.

It's worth knowing that depth can be a problem when mooring here. It's ok where we are but gets very shallow at the edge for much of the distance to the Acton Trussell bridge, where it's fine again. But that end is much noisier than here as the M6 is much closer.

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