Saturday, 13 August 2016

Getting a little bit done

After yesterday's exertions, we've been taking it quite easy today, though we've not been totally idle. After breakfast, we walked into town via the aqueduct and Welsh Row. I took the Garmin along to compare the distance this way with the alternative of going back along the towpath and across the riverside park.

We noticed on the way that there is far less long term mooring on the embankment than there used to be, the greater length being 48 hour visitor mooring. This makes sense – there was never enough VM here for such a popular destination.

Once arrived, we bought Dabber's* pies at Clewlow's, a nice loaf of bread at Chetwin's and raided Home Bargains for more mundane necessities. Back we went via the park, which route proved to be 0.3 of a mile longer. Furthermore, it means a long slog uphill along the road, whereas Welsh Row is more or less flat and much more decorative to look at. The moral is that, unless you get in on the moorings immediately after the Wrenbury Road bridge, number 91, it's better to use the Welsh Row route.

We were well exercised on our return and had a pleasant break sitting in the well deck drinking coffee. We had a cooked lunch for once, the pies with new potatoes and Spring greens. This way, the saltiness of the pies will hopefully not cause as much sleep disturbance as it would if we ate them in the evening.

Sheila has been crocheting most of the rest of the time. She's making replacement porthole doilies for Sanity Again, the six year old originals having become a bit tired looking despite washing and bleaching.

I added our thoughts about the Wharf Tavern and The Talbot to the Owners' Group Pub Guide and otherwise have frankly been loafing, watching the world go by and criticising everyone else's boating ;)

Tomorrow, an early start as we want to get well on along the Middlewich Arm and Cholmondeston Lock is liable to be busy on an August Sunday...

*Dabber: a native of Nantwich, etymology uncertain.

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