Sunday, 14 August 2016

Nearly finished with the Shroppie

Despite the cunning strategy with the meals yesterday, neither of us slept particularly well last night, as a result of which we overslept this morning and didn't start boating until half six. We pootled round to the water point at the end-to-end junction where the Birmingham and Liverpool meets the Chester canal. It's quite a slow water point, so we had plenty of time to eat breakfast whilst the tank was filling.

Indeed, at half seven the tank was only just over three-quarters full. That was enough to be going on with as we had a lot of boating to do. It was a straightforward run to Barbridge, past the Nantwich and Border Counties Yacht Club (really), Henhull moorings and Hurleston Junction. Sheila did a 10/10 turn onto the Middlewich Arm and we were set for the busier section of the day's run.

By now the water was hot and the batteries mostly charged, so I started a washload that was in the machine waiting to go. We were expecting to be held up at Cholmondeston lock, but not only was there no queue going our way, the lock was full and ready for us. There was a boat waiting to come up by the time we'd got down and one waiting behind us.

On we went to Minshull Lock and much the same story, only with more boats waiting to come up. I did the breakfast washing-up afterwards, then took over the steering so that Sheila could sort the now-finished washing. Things were quite interesting for the final stretch with a lot of boats in a hurry to get to Barbridge seemingly. Since there are a fair few blind bridge holes and narrows on the arm, both Sheila and I had some tricky encounters.

All went off without major trouble or bad language, I'm pleased to say, and we finally arrived at the Blackberry Woods visitor moorings just before lunchtime. The boat we'd been following all morning also stopped here for lunch and proved to be Waimaru, John and Nev's old boat. She's looking very good, I'm pleased to say, having acquired a cratch cover among other things. Her new owners are very pleased with her.

We've had a quiet afternoon after the morning's exertions. We were alone here for quite a time, though another boat has just arrived for the night. An easier start tomorrow – we plan to turn left when we get to Middlewich and tie near the Big Lock in order to rendezvous with Graeme and the boys for the night.

That's assuming Graeme remembers to ring up tonight to find out where we'll be... ;)

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John/Destiny said...

Nice to hear about the old boat, and that the new owners are happy with her after over a year. We knew where she is moored but have not crossed paths since we parted with her.