Friday, 9 September 2016

Back we go

The plan is to head back to Mercia by the usual route, thereby completing the Four Counties ring we started in July. We made a lazy start today, not setting off until after eight. We stopped on the now replaced rings at Adelphi Mill and I popped down to the butcher to restock on meat. I took the opportunity to buy a couple of pasties from the bakery next door.

I was secretly pleased that it was Sheila's turn to steer today as the weather, though not impossible, was very blustery. Combined with the lowish level of water in the pound, it made for tricky navigating and we had one or two awkward encounters with boats coming the other way, usually in or near bridge holes. I set the washing machine going as we went, Sheila having loaded it the other day.

We got to Lyme Green just on twelve and had no bother finding a mooring. The pound is only a couple of inches down, so we've been able to get right up to the edge, but it is strange, given that the level was running weir the week before last. The Bank Holiday traffic must have run a lot down Bosley.

After scoffing the pasties for lunch and taking a well earned rest, we ambled up to the Co-op here for just a few bits and pieces. We're expecting a storm overnight – indeed, it's blowing up already – but much improved conditions for the weekend and next week.

We'll work down Bosley tomorrow, aiming for Congleton Aqueduct again.

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