Thursday, 8 September 2016

It's all over...

...for another year, at least. We wandered along to the yard just before eight this morning to say our farewells to Susan, Peter, Gill and Peter, then ambled back to the boat to set off. By now, there was a boat on the water point, so I elected to reverse along the Deeps and turn in the winding hole at the far end. Sanity Again was a bit sulky about going backwards today, or maybe I was just not on form. She developed an overwhelming attraction for a cabin cruiser about halfway along but was eventually persuaded to get on.

The actual winding went off uneventfully and we were soon boating back to Whiteley Green in not very nice weather, definitely an occasion for the waterproof overalls. Naturally, as soon as we got here, the sun came out.

A phone call from Sheila's brother Peter meant another change of plan. We'd originally arranged to meet them tomorrow and go to Sutton Hall for lunch, but an unexpected delivery of a stairlift tomorrow afternoon swapped that for a session in The Windmill here instead. We were very impressed with the atmosphere and food in The Windmill, strongly recommended.

We've had a quiet afternoon since. Tomorrow, on to Lyme Green, stopping briefly at Adelphi Mill to call at the butcher in Bollington.


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