Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Good grief, it's Tuesday!

We've had a phenomenal weekend, despite lousy weather on Saturday. We had more members of the Owners' Group than ever before and 13 boats to show. The pot luck supper on Friday, followed by the Austinacious magic show, went very well and there was even a bit of food left over.

Sadly, Saturday's rain meant that only the very serious potential owners turned up. This was fine for Peter, who had as many likely buyers to talk to as usual, but did result in the strong team of owners and boats being under utilised. There's also the factor that the order book is particularly full at the moment, with the next available build slots in mid 2018, which discourages some folk.

Believe me, you might have to wait a bit longer for your Braidbar, but it will be worth it in the end! Especially as...

We were welcoming two new members of the team. James Attwood has been responsible for the design of the boats that meant that Boating Leisure Services have won favourite boat in show at Crick for three years running. And from the end of this month, he and his partner Donna will be sharing the load at Braidbar. James has some really stunning and innovative ideas to bring to the already successful Braidbar design and I can't wait to show them off at Crick next year.

Saturday night went with a swing. The charity auction raised £2255, a record amount. As before, it will be split between the Anthony Nolan Trust and Bloodwise, in memory of Peter and Susan's son Michael who succumbed to a blood cancer in the year before they took over Braidbar.

As usual, Sunday was a quieter day, but we had a good discussion forum covering boat security, innovative design and accessing the internet whilst afloat. The most radical idea proposed was "Mooring Assist" – get your boat alongside the space on the towpath, press a button and the boat moves sideways into the space...

Sunday evening saw thirty odd of us scoffing a Chinese takeaway.

After making a start on the take down on Monday, we went down to the Boar's Head for a meal, just for a change. Today, we've finished the take down in pleasantly dry and sunny weather. We're planning a quiet night in tonight and will set off for home tomorrow.

Sanity Again has not been neglected. Her weeping fuel joint is sorted, a dodgy electric cable terminal remade and the new solar panel controller is in and working. The Tracer BN series has a remote meter option which gives both more info and more control over the three stage charging process. Today, the redundant summer valve in the central heating circuit has been replaced, so we are all done, dusted and raring to go.

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