Friday, 19 May 2017

Another wet one

Another soggy day, but hopefully our last in Braunston for the time being. We had a good meal last night – the Old Plough seems to have changed hands or managers again. Last time we were in there, a few years back, a couple of lads had just taken over and it showed with a rather amateur feel to it. Either they've improved or been replaced as it felt much better last night.

In addition, they were offering this steak meal deal of two rump steaks with the usual accompaniments, plus a bottle of house wine, for £24.95. I asked for red and had a choice of Merlot, Shiraz or Malbec. We went for the Malbec which proved to be entirely acceptable – not the best it can be, but perfectly good plonk.

I ordered a nachos starter which Sheila shared with me – just as well, one each would have been too much. The steaks were cooked as we'd asked and the only down side as far as I was concerned were the chips, which I thought odd and soggy but which Sheila liked. All in all, a very pleasant casual meal out.

We had a lazy start this morning to the sound of the rain on the roof. It's never completely let up, but did ease off enough in the late morning to let us get up to the village one more time for a second session at the butcher. He now stocks a good range of local veg, so we bought a selection of those with some more meat.

We've stayed on board since then, looking out at some very damp sheep and boaters going by, some in the field opposite and some on the cut, fortunately the right way round. We've not been totally idle. I had an idea for another quiz round, stimulated by something I'd read in the Indy as so often, and put ten questions together.

Sheila has advanced my Guernsey right up to closing the shoulder seams in the arcane way used for that kind of jumper – she's always glad to get it done successfully.

Tomorrow, an early start to the water point, before the Saturday hordes descend on it. We'll have breakfast whilst filling up then move on to wait for a locking partner at the bottom of the flight.


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