Thursday, 18 May 2017

Taking advantage of better weather

It's been a very different sort of day today. We woke this morning to bright sun which persisted into the afternoon, though it's clouded over now, presumably because of the vast amount of moisture steaming back up from the sodden fields.

We've put this weather to good use, walking up to the village first thing to get another load of supplies, then starting the engine on our return. This enabled a wash load to be run. We'd already deployed the whirligig to finish drying the last load which had been hanging about indoors, rather. The new load was done just in time for lunch and was hung out this afternoon.

Meantime, we swept through the boat, getting rid of the accumulation of dried grass and general dirt that collects as a result of steady boating at this time of year. Whilst Sheila was hanging out the washing, I brushed the mats and cleaned the mud off our boots.

That felt like enough serious work for one day – since then, we've been sitting out in the well deck, knitting and reading, until the clouds got too much and we retreated indoors once more. After reviewing the various pub options, we've settled on the Old Plough for tonight. We did think about taking a walk up to the Admiral Nelson for lunch, but an examination of its website made it plain that it's now very much a gastro-pub, not our sort of thing at all when boating, not to mention the prices they charge.

The Plough, on the other hand, is offering a deal on two steak dinners. A steak would go down well after all this work...


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