Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Sitting tight in the wet

"You can tell when it's summer in Swansea," the barman at a conference hotel in that city once said to me, "the rain gets warmer!" In the same way, you can tell when it's summer on board Sanity Again, my hair gets shorter. After blogging yesterday, Sheila gave me my first summer trim of the year, 3/4" all over and very comfortable it feels.

I've also trimmed my beard nice and short so I'm ready for anything. Talking of Swansea weather, it has rained non-stop today, as forecast, real monsoon standard, but it's not proper Swansea weather as it's expected to stop tomorrow.

We took advantage of what seemed like a lull after breakfast to get out for a quick walk, taking a bag of rubbish to the Stop House skips. Naturally, it waited until we were there before persisting down again – our trousers and water proofs have been hanging up to dry in the engine room ever since. I lit the Squirrel before coffee this morning to dry the boat out a bit as it was feeling very clammy.

For the rest, it's been a quiet day on board, reading, doing puzzles and the odd bit of housework. Tomorrow, we'll give the engine a run (the solar panel's not contributed much today) and run a wash load to keep on top of it. We're planning to treat ourselves to a meal out in the evening, probably at the Old Plough.


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