Friday, 21 July 2017

A quiet day indoors

It has indeed been a rather grotty sort of day, windy and damp, though not as damp as it was 46 years ago in Aberdeen. On our wedding photos you can see Sheila’s footprints in the red carpet as she walked into Kings College Chapel…

We never make a big deal of anniversaries, except for the milestone ones, and today has been no exception. In any event, we’ve tried the pub here and weren't impressed. We will have a meal out at some point, when we get to a pub we like, probably on the Shroppie.

As planned, we’ve had a quiet day staying put in the wind and rain. There have been a good few boats back and forth, including the hire boats turning round at the yard. We’ve caught up with both desk work and cleaning and tidying jobs, so are feeling quite virtuous. The boat looks clean and tidy and clothes have been sorted in the drawers.

Tomorrow, we’ll amble round the summit pound to Coven for the night.


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