Saturday, 22 July 2017

Curvily to Coven

I’ve not got a huge amount to report today, which has gone pretty much according to plan. We’d estimated 2 hours from Gailey to Coven, so left just before eight, expecting to need to give time for people to leave the moorings by the Fox and Anchor before we got there. It’s one of those sections that’s hard work for the steerer, being very curvy, but the crew has little more to do than hang about in the well deck, spotting oncoming boats.

Mostly this worked out alright, though some of the aforesaid boats were less considerate about sharing the width of the available channel than they might have been. We just managed to fit a wash load in as in the event we made it in a bit under the two hours. There were very few boats on these moorings, interestingly, though it was still before ten o’clock. Admittedly, those heading south might well have done what we intend to do tomorrow, that is leave very early so as to get through the Rockin’ in good time and pass through the dodgy area around Autherley Junction whilst the little horrors who throw stuff at you from the bridges are all still in bed.

We’ve walked into the village and got a good selection of meat from the butcher. On our return, we found an ex-OwnerShips boat, Hawksmoor, tied just in front of us and had a good old natter with her steerer about the joys of shared ownership and like topics.

It’s been a quiet afternoon. We’ve been able to sit outside in the well deck for some of the time, though an occasional shower drove us indoors in the end. Tomorrow, round onto the Shroppie and on to the moorings at Bridge 7.


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