Sunday, 13 August 2017

A pleasant but slow run to Congleton

We’d estimated ninety minutes from Hall Green to Congleton Wharf today and expected the wharf to be pretty busy at this time of year, being as it is the most pleasant place to stop to visit the town. So we wanted to time our arrival at around half ten and therefore set off at nine. I ran the Webasto for an hour before that and started the engine 15 minutes before. It was thus possible to get a wash load on the way as soon as we set off.

It being Sheila’s turn to steer, I largely let her get on with it, though I did spend quite a bit of time out on the bow anyway, it being a very pleasant morning. Despite the lack of locks, it’s quite hard work for the steerer. There are a lot of moored boats, both on long term moorings and casually on the towpath and the bridge holes, though reasonably wide, tend to be very shallow – chucking back to clear muck off the prop is needed quite often.

In addition, one of the reasons for coming onto the Macc (apart from the splendid scenery) is to remind you how deep the Trent and Mersey is. All these things come together to make for a slow trip and it was nearly eleven before the wharf was in sight. There was a boat just leaving our preferred end of the visitor moorings, the less shaded end by the access to the road, so it worked out just fine.

Having tied and had a belated mid-morning coffee, Sheila sorted the washing and was able for the first time in ages to put the whirligig up in very calm weather.

After lunch and a bit of a break, we took a walk down into town. It’s a trek but well worth it. Today’s main destination was Morrisons where we started the restocking process. If we get it right between today and tomorrow, this will be the last big burst of shopping we need to do before getting to Poynton, where we’ll organise an Ocado delivery. You need to be a bit restrained in how much heavy stuff you buy as it’s quite a slog back up the hill to the canal.

So we’ll stay put tomorrow, revisit Morrisons and take a look at some other shops, including the butcher’s. On Tuesday, we’ll probably just go on to Congleton Aqueduct, thus reducing the run to the foot of Bosley on Wednesday.


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