Monday, 21 August 2017

Another day in Bollington

Just a note today. We've been to the butcher and the Co-op again and taken a walk this afternoon to look at the dredging going on. I'm pleased to say that they were doing the winding hole just this side of Riley Green. The dredge is being spread on a field by the canal.

We came back along the Middlewood Way – it's really useful to be able to combine towpath and the MW around here.

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, we've been able to confirm our electoral registration this afternoon. Elanor had visited the marina and phoned with info about the post she'd collected for us. One item was the brown envelope from the S Derbyshire council with the details of our registration.

Elanor photographed the first page of the letter with the security codes on it and emailed it to us. I opened that on my iPad and gave the info to Sheila who was on the website on hers. Ten minutes later and it was all done.

Tomorrow, a bit more boating, hooray.


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