Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Celebrating and starting back

We finally got round to celebrating our wedding anniversary last night with a trip to the Ring o’ Bells in Christleton village. The Cheshire Cat was closer, of course, being just the other side of the towpath – it’s OK as a pub, but very much part of the Vintage Inn chain (“Inn keeping with Tradition”, say no more), whilst the Ring is very individual – and the food is better.

As usual, we went early, just before six, and had no bother getting a table. It is a very family friendly pub, so if you go at that time be prepared for lots of small children and proud young parents. No doubt it’s a bit different later in the evening. We ate and drank well, though moderately abstemiously as regards the booze. The food comes in good size portions; the While you Wait items make perfectly good starters and I suspect you could have a good meal on one of those plus an official starter and a sweet.

As a result of all this indulgence, we didn't sleep terribly well, too much salt, probably, and had an early start this morning. It was perfectly possible to wind by the towpath works – I had maybe a foot to spare between the stern of Sanity Again and the work boat tied across the new piling. In twenty minutes we were back at our overnight mooring and setting off for the return to Barbridge. It rained for much of the way, so that I was very grateful for my waterproof overalls and Sheila prudently stayed down below doing various housekeeping jobs.

To be honest, it was a thoroughly dreary sort of morning, grey and damp and windy at times. I enlivened the dullness by measuring the length of the Golden Nook moorings with the Garmin, making it just 1.4 miles from one end to the other, though it feels a lot longer. We got to the Shady just on half ten and tied well along the visitor moorings.

Things have picked up weather-wise this afternoon. The sun has now come out and is drying the towels Sheila washed as we boated along. We’ll have a quiet night tonight and probably stay put tomorrow, as it looks like another wet day in prospect. It’s one thing to cope with such weather boating along a pound, but we’ve got the six locks up to Calveley to do next. Friday promises to be a better day for that sort of activity, and we’ve plenty of time in hand on our schedule.

Location:Shady Oak

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