Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Staying put 'cos it's persisting down

Looking at the forecast this morning, we decided to stay put after all today, have a quiet day on the boat after our exertions of yesterday (mostly) and make an early start tomorrow to return to the Shady Oak or thereabouts. It’s going to rain again then, probably, so it will by my turn to kit up in the rain suit for the long chug past Golden Nook.

We did make an expedition to Sainsbury’s, walking down the canal to the bridge at the second lock, turning left onto the road and carrying on to the mega-roundabout. Here we crossed several roads with the aid of light-controlled crossings until we came to the local road that goes past the Brewer’s Fayre pub the Twirl of Hay. Sainsbury’s is just beyond there on the other side of the road and we were able to get some of the heavier stuff we avoided yesterday, as well as an excellent loaf of bread.

It rained a bit on and off as we went, but had mostly stopped by the time we came out. We were feeling moderately well exercised by the time we got back to the boat, so the rest of the day has been for pottering and reading and doing odd jobs. The sun has come out now, but we’ve had some extremely heavy showers this afternoon.

One good thing to report: the Braidbar built community boat Pot of Gold, which moors just outside the Cheshire Cat here, has been out for a run and went down to the winding hole and returned without bother. Since she’s a 70 footer, we shouldn't have any trouble tomorrow.


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