Friday, 11 August 2017

Easily up the next few locks

Checking the log from the last time we came this way, about this time last year, indeed, showed that we should allow a bit under two hours for today’s run. We didn't want to get here too soon, so set off at 8.15. Following the law according to Sod, we then had an excellent run, taking just ninety minutes.

We were followed by another boat using the alternate lock chambers where these are still available, so I took to setting their lock for them and in return, they closed up after Sheila, saving a lot of walking to and fro.

The locks are all quite close together, so it was a case of riding to the start, the foot of the Lawton Treble, then walking the rest of the way. The weather was quite pleasant as we went along but has rather deteriorated now, becoming very windy. Hopefully it will improve by the morning when we have the last half dozen locks to do up to Harding’s Wood Junction, round onto the Macc and on to Hall Green.

There’s plenty of room here at the top of Church Locks with just a few boats in sight tied on the towpath ahead of us. We’ve put the rest of the day to some use, washing and oiling the bathroom floor. The plan is to do one compartment at a time as we carry on towards Poynton.


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