Thursday, 10 August 2017

Virtuosity at Rode Heath

We’ve had a good day with a relaxed start on a sunny morning. We washed the starboard side of the boat and did some pottering inside before going over to the Broughton Arms for lunch. It’s a Marston’s chain pub but both the food and beer are excellent.

After a bit of a recovery time, we then turned to and polished the side and rear bulkhead, so we are feeling very virtuous. The only downside in our pleasure is that the boat which we remoored yesterday broke free again. She’d drifted into the bridge arch and bent her chimney before we could recover her again .

We’ve remoored her once more and I’ve emailed CRT North West to suggest that they contact the owner and get him or her to take her to where she can be tied on rings or piling chains.

Tomorrow, we’ll head on up the cut a bit further, another six locks to the top of Church Locks.

Location:Rode Heath

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