Tuesday, 12 September 2017

A very good weekend

I notice that I didn't get round to doing a blog post until the Tuesday last year, either! It turned out to be another excellent weekend despite some of the worst weather I can recall for this time of year. We had several merry evenings in the Boar’s Head and then in the marquee. The charity auction raised nearly £2500, another record for us. As before, the proceeds will be donated to Anthony Nolan and Bloodwise, both charities supporting research into and patients and relatives suffering from blood cancers.

We saw a record number of folk interested in booking a build slot for a Braidbar. Furthermore, one couple actually booked a build slot on the day, the last one left in 2018. Anyone else will have to wait until 2019 now – there’s one slot starting at the end of January that year.

Sunday was pretty quiet, though we had a good Question Time with Peter and James on the platform. In addition, we discussed succession planning for the administration of the Owners’ Group. Instead of trying to find people to take over completely from Sheila and I, we are going to build a team to share the work, as a result of which we’ll be able to ease out over time. So not a cliff edge but a soft Bruxit… Several people have volunteered to help in this way.

Elanor and Sally are joining us tonight, driving up after work. Tomorrow, weather permitting, Elanor will drive back to Mercia and return to Macclesfield by train whilst the remaining three of us boat to Macc to rendezvous with her there. We plan to get back to Mercia by a week on Saturday.

I’ll see if Sal will do a dog-to-dog blog tomorrow, but can't promise, she may be too excited to type.

Location:Higher Poynton

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