Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Dog to dog blog: taking the AGPs home

Hi guys

It’s been a long time since I got to go boating with the AGPs (that’s the Aged GrandParents for you newbies), but I finally persuaded Mummy to take a break from her packed social life (not allowed to tell you about that, but he’s nice…) and have a week and a bit helping get the boat back from Poynton to the marina.

We have to do this – the AGPs just aren't as young as they were (who is?) and the week-long party laughingly called the Owners’ Weekend (seemingly Wednesday to Tuesday is a weekend now) just takes an awful lot out of them. So yesterday, Mum and I drove up to the boatyard from our great new place up on the ridge above Burton, getting there just after eight.

Didn't do much when we got there, but it’s been seriously busy today. Mum had her usual problem waking up when she’s not working, so I had to supervise moving the boat onto first the water point and then the shop mooring to get her all sorted for cruising. Then Mum drove off back to the marina, which was a bit worrying for me even though I knew she’d be back really, and the rest of us turned the boat round to head back to Macc.

I wasn't allowed to supervise this properly as they shut me in the cabin, but I got my own back by locking the door from the inside so that Granny couldn't get in, hee, hee, hee. She had to get off in the bridge hole and get back on at the stern. Grandpa then left her steering whilst he pottered about inside and I spent my time doing some serious Olympic Looking from the bow… and the stern… and the bow… and the stern.

Hard work, but I don't mind, except that after a bit it started to rain. I told Grandpa he should do something about that but he didn't seem to care. Humph. It stopped again after a bit so I settled for the stern. I started to feel a) bored and b) uncomfy, so when the boat slowed down in a bridge hole I hopped off for a pee and a dump and to stretch my legs.

What a kerfuffle! Granny jumps off after me, Grandpa takes over the steering and we all head along to the next bridge where I got back on. Granny seemed to think she needed to grab my collar to make sure I did that. What’s the matter, don't they trust me?

Finally we rocked up in Macc and tied to wait for Mummy to get back by train. This she did by mid-afternoon, having missed a connection in Derby and had to hang about for an hour in Derby station. We’ve now come on to Lyme Green where it’s nicer and more peaceful than the middle of town. I’m told I’ve got a lorra locks to work tomorrow, so all I can say is, it better not be raining…

Loads of licks

Your friend


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