Friday, 20 July 2018

Alright in Alrewas

A pleasant if routine run has brought us to Alrewas, leaving Kings Orchard just on half seven and arriving at a bit after ten. It was my turn to steer and for once I made the turn off the Coventry and into Junction Lock in one smooth sweep despite the audience of one volocky.

We had a straightforward trip down the locks, Sheila, Elanor and Sally lockwheeling. There was a moderate amount of traffic, so I had to hold back above Common for a while, no problem on an airless day. We've tied above Bagnall as usual.

After coffee, Sheila and I walked into the village to get a last batch of supplies including pasties for lunch from Coates. It's actually been raining a bit this afternoon, but the main shower is scheduled for six o'clock, just when I'm due to fetch the fish and chips.

We'll return to Mercia tomorrow – I won't blog about that unless there's something unusual to report.

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