Thursday, 19 July 2018

Retracing our steps

We're getting into a routine with Elanor and Sally on board. Sheila and I get our breakfasts, walk Sally and give her her breakfast, then start boating. This lets Elanor have a lie in, being on her hols, but if she wants to get some steering, she has to get going before we finish for the day...

We've come all the way back to Kings Orchard, it being a very pleasant morning for boating, so Whittington was too soon and we decided we'd rather have a bit of road noise here rather than a lot of train noise at Huddlesford.

Elanor did a good chunk of steering, including the tricky stuff through Huddlesford with a fair bit of traffic the other way. It's a good mooring here and we've had only one untoward incident when a rather scruffy Serenity (one of the many) scraped all down the side of Sanity Again. When I remonstrated (quite calmly) the steerer said "It wasn't that bad"!!!

Must have been watching a TV programme featuring a pair of ageing actors...

We managed to get the roof, bow deck and well deck washed before lunch and have been taking it easy this afternoon. Tomorrow, on to Alrewas.

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