Monday, 10 December 2012


After the glooms of yesterday, things are starting to look up today. For one thing, the weather is dry and bright, though turning cold as forecast, and for another these colds are starting to retreat. Sheila's still snuffling away, but the level of tissues in the box doesn't actually go down as you watch…

After a moderately lazy start, we ambled down to the village, buying bread and some bits and pieces and collecting another two parcels which had been delivered by Collect+. The staff at the Co-op commented that they were already seeing a rise in the number coming through, which in view of the approach of Christmas and the convenience of the system is not at all surprising.

The Post Office here does provide an accommodation address service, but you have to pay a few quid a month for it, so for folk like us who are only here during the winter, mainly, and anyway have a handy local address for routine stuff (in the shape of Elanor's house), the Collect+ service is better.

Back at the boat it was nearly lunchtime, so we put stuff away, browsed a bit on the web and then ate. Sheila's been running washloads today, so that we could refill the water tank afterwards before any possible freezing later in the week.

I had booked an Ocado delivery for the Thursday before Christmas, but we'll need one this week, so it makes sense to do that and transfer the other to between Christmas and New Year. Apart from anything else, I have to pay for deliveries just before the holiday, but not afterwards, normal deliveries being covered by my monthly Delivery Pass payment.

Tomorrow, Sally for the day as usual.

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