Friday, 7 December 2012

Slow improvement

We're slowly getting better here, though the weather is still not encouraging. Mind you, it was lovely and sunny as we staggered down to the village this morning, just still a bitterly cold wind.

We've got quite a lot done, but it's been a day for niggling little problems: my prescription was missing one bottle of eye drops, the pack of DL envelopes I bought in the Post Office turned out to be window ones, one of the presents we ordered from Amazon the other day has been despatched to the wrong address and will have to be sent on, assuming it arrives on time.

None of these are fatal, just hassles. On the other hand, our first despatch to the Collect+ facility at the Co-op is on its way, so I should be able to tell you how that went tomorrow.

Meantime, we've made great strides with the dreaded quiz, and are now stuck on just four items, three of them pictures of locks and one other one where we're beginning to wonder if Martin's made a mistake.

(Never, I hear you cry…)

We also managed to turn out the corner cupboard at the front of the saloon, organising some wiring more tidily and rearranging stuff on the shelves. We found a bit of condensation in the very bottom corner of it, so we've rearranged the stuff in the cupboard to let more air get down there.

Tomorrow, I'll get some more solid fuel delivered, I think; normally we take our folding hand truck over and haul it back ourselves, but at the weekend you can have it delivered for the staggering price of £1, and as we're still feeling a bit peelie-wally, I think that's what we'll do.

Elanor and Sally are coming across in the afternoon, so we'll get some exercise in the field. Elanor tells me Kato the cat regularly washes Sally's face last thing at night, which is a touching thought. What Kato doesn't appreciate so much is that sometimes Sally returns the compliment, and gives him a big lick across his mush.

I think that's the lot for today; hope it was enough for those who felt short changed yesterday…


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Adam said...

Few things remind me of Aberdeen more than peelie-wally...