Saturday, 23 February 2013

Extra Sally Saturday

I can't really blame Sally for being confused; Elanor brought her over late morning on her way to meet up with Graeme, Cathy and the boys in Nottingham. Elanor was wearing smart clothes as they were patronising Wagamama for lunch, so Sally clearly thought it was an office day and that they were late. In addition, Sheila had set off to walk into the village a little before to get some baked goods and Sally had seen her from the car, walking the wrong way.

Amazing really that Sal could recognise her, all bundled up against the cold and seen through a car window, but Elanor says that there's no doubt that she did as she started whining in the way that means "things are not right!"

Never mind, I've made it up to her since; apple core and big fat bit of carrot after the humans had had lunch and then a good walk to Stenson Lock. She's now curled up in her basket with her tail over her nose, catching up with her kip.

For the avoidance of doubt, this is still Sally we're talking about; Elanor doesn't eat apple cores.

Elanor is joining us for dinner: in case Wagamama was too Japanese, I'm pot roasting a big piece of silverside I got from Betty's Farm the other day, serving it with mashed potato, steamed fine green beans and the chunky veg I've put in the pot with the meat.

It's actually the first time I've done a pot roast for a long time; another recipe for the book, methinks. It's just what's needed in this cold weather – we're looking forward to it warming up a bit later in the week.

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