Sunday, 17 February 2013

Springy Sunday

After another chilly night, we've had one of the best days of the year so far. Things were pretty frosty this morning, with cat ice across much of the water, but the sun soon chased it away. The wind has been gentle but still chilly; a distinctly early Spring day, though we may well have some more wintry weather to come.

We were saved from my inattention to minutiae by a timely email from Jo James, pointing out that the sapling planting is next Sunday, not this. Thanks Jo! Nonetheless, we went and had breakfast in the Willow Tree anyway, then spent the rest of the morning burning off the extra calories in a traditional boating way.

We washed the boat.

Actually, we cleaned bird poo off the roof and then gave the port side and stern bulkhead the full treatment. Sheila washed and I rinsed; by the time we'd reached the stern, most of the side was dry, though it benefitted from a quick going over with a microfibre cloth to clean off any pockets of water.

Then Sheila applied carnauba wax and I polished it off. A bit of a mucky run down from the gap in the handrail (a memento of the short lived problem we'd had with tarry water running off the chimney) was soon removed with Finesse-It.

We've been very well exercised and the boat looks much better for it. If tomorrow is fine again, we'll turn the boat round and do the starboard side and front bulkhead in the same way.

After a late lunch we took a walk round the marina; we've been relaxing indoors ever since.

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