Thursday, 14 March 2013

A visit to Bakewell

Today, thanks to the kindness of Lloyd and Helen, we went to Bakewell, to visit the Pinelog factory and meet Paula. In a long but productive meeting we discussed many aspects of the design of Walnut Lodge. Paula was a mine of information about loads of stuff, including the officially defined levels of accessibility. The aim is to end up with a holiday lodge which will be wheelchair user friendly but still perfectly acceptable for an entirely able bodied family.

I'll not go into a lot of stuff now, partly because my head is still spinning with it, but some of it will be referred to as the weeks go on, no doubt. We got as detailed as the patterns for the curtains and blinds and the kind of kitchen units so hopefully most of the decisions are now taken.

Ha, ha.

Afterwards we drove back into the town and had lunch at an Upstairs Cafe near the main car park. Downstairs was a shop selling cheeses, pies and Bakewell tarts, another opportunity to spend money.

It's one of those parts of Derbyshire Sheila and I hadn't visited before, so the trip was an enjoyable day out in itself.

Back at the marina we took ourselves for a walk round to stretch our legs, called in at the office to keep them in the planning loop and then had a cup of tea and a piece of Bakewell tart back at the boat.

Tomorrow, we hope to finish off the books, another cause for celebration despite the continuing gloomy weather.

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Jo said...

Very exciting! I look forward to a Walnut Built Blog!