Friday, 15 March 2013

We finally finished

In a cunning ploy, last night we invited Stephen and Jayne to come over tomorrow evening and share some bubbly to celebrate us publishing this year's e-books, Practically Cooking on Board and Tales from the Towpath. Of course, this meant that we had to get on and publish them today, since Kindle Direct Publishing takes 12 hours to review the uploaded books before they go on sale.

So, this morning we spent a lot of time at my computer, Sheila holding my Kindle with her book on it and reading out the notes I'd made whilst I amended the main copy in Sigil. Some of these changes were simple typo corrections, others were things where I suggested minor editorial tweaks to make the story flow more smoothly. We kept at it for a couple of hours, apart from a short coffee break about two thirds of the way through.

Once all the changes were agreed, I updated the Table of Contents, transferred the file into calibre and converted it from ePub to mobi. A quick download back onto my Kindle to make sure nothing had gone terribly wrong and it was all done.

Off we went into the village then, not least because we needed to buy a bottle of bubbly…

Soon after lunch we set to again and went through the same process for my book. Sheila had already done much of what was needed, so it didn't take as long. Having got it all sorted, I went onto the KDP site and uploaded first one and then the other book. We've priced them the same as last time, $4.50 in most of the world and £3.02 in the UK.

As I say, they won't be available until tomorrow (that's assuming Amazon doesn't decide that they are too subversive to unleash on the world, of course). Once they're out there, I'll change the bit in the right hand column of the blog to give the links to the Amazon site and do the same in tomorrow's post. As before, we'll be happy to supply them in ePub or PDF format directly to those who have different sorts of eReader.

Feeling a bit stunned yet pleased with ourselves, we took a break until some washing Sheila had done earlier had finished tumble drying, then had a brisk and well wrapped up walk round the marina, calling in at the shop to buy potatoes, beer and some Diet Coke for Stephen tomorrow. (He's got funny drinking habits.)

That'll have to be it for today, I'm just creatively exhausted…


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