Sunday, 3 March 2013

Brief Sunday

The day itself was as long as usual, but a) we lay in bed a bit longer and b) it's rather flown by otherwise.

The morning was dedicated to catching up with emails and comments on the blog, followed by a thorough boat clean inside. In the afternoon we looked after Sally whilst Elanor had a session with Helen about further socialising her rescue dog, Lexie. All that went very well, though Sal was a bit puzzled about what was going on. "Why is my Mummy talking to that other dog while I have to put up with the AGPs?'

So we've had loads of nattering, first off with Helen and then with Elanor, making me late posting this.

As usual, when I've had an aggressively nasty comment like yesterday's, I don't much feel like doing a long post this time, so I'll crave your indulgence and leave it at that for the moment. Thanks again to Dave and Nev for their support!

I'm sure I'll be feeling more creative tomorrow...


nb Achernar said...

Hi Bruce
I agree with the other comments you received. If someone leaves a nasty comment then waste no more time on them than it takes to press the delete button. As with all the other bloggers that I read your posts and time at Crick have really helped us in our decision making.

Roger Millin said...

I also read the original (now deleted) post yesterday by the unpleasant person who lacks the cojones to append their name while posting vitriol with undertones of jealousy. They are of no consequence (except in their own mind of course ;-))) so forget the mean spirited little XXXXXXXX (insert term of your your choice).

Bruce in Sanity said...

Thanks guys, it's mucho appreciated. You're absolutely right, of course, it's just surprising how disconcerting gratuitous violence is, whether physical or psychological.

I know that the real journos have to put up with much, much worse on the online news sites, mind you.

I'm feeling much better today, just a bit swamped with all the stuff to do…

All the best


Anonymous said...

I didn't read the comment Bruce, but I can understand why you'd be disconcerted. I get inordinately upset when people leave nasty comments (a rare occurrence fortunately), being of the school "if you can't say something positive, don't say anything at all".

We love you, the blog and especially Sally - what more needs to be said :-)

Sue, nb Indigo ream

Bruce in Sanity said...

Thanks, Sue.

it doesn't happen to me very often, perhaps that's why it has more impact. On CWDF, you just shrug and carry on.

I mean, I've just been accused of being barking mad on there, but then we were discussing human consumption of dog food at the time – see the Peanuts topic.

(It is safe to eat, btw.)



heledd said...

Hi Bruce and Sheila,
I missed your blog yesterday and have returned to find that you have been subject to a nasty troll, - although, I didn't see the content of the offensive post. However, as you will know as a clinical psychologist, such vicious comments rarely, if ever, reflect any truths about the target of such wrath and spite but reflect solely upon the offender. Leave the responsibility for the spite where it belongs, - with the offender and think no more about it. Your intentions, motives and actions are generous and kind and it is obvious from the other posts of support that this IS the unanimous consensus.
Keep on doing what you are doing both. Best wishes

Bruce in Sanity said...

Thanks Heledd!

What you say is true, of course, it's the emotional shock of the violence that takes a day or so to get over.