Monday, 4 March 2013

Monday in the marina

First off let me repeat here my thanks to all those who have posted supportive comments or sent me emails; it brings great good out of evil to get your messages, and it is truly appreciated.

It's made a good start to a very pleasant day, both weatherwise and in other respects. I actually got some stuff done on my book; another day at it and it should be ready for Sheila to read through for the first time. We had a walk down to the village for the usual reasons and got back just in time for lunch. Sheila's been running washloads all day, with the last one in the machine as I type this.

After lunch we had a stroll round the marina in the company of Martin and Mina and inspected the plot again. They carried on when we got to the office, where we had another chat with Robert. We've chosen the name: Walnut Lodge it's to be and we get a walnut tree outside in consequence. Robert is going to arrange for us to go to PineLog and have a meeting with the designers there.

The current plan is to sign the contract early next month, but wait until October to have the lodge delivered. The earliest we could do it would be August, but we'd not get much in the way of bookings starting in the middle of the season, and this way we can have the summer cruising and spend the Autumn back at the marina dealing with the final commissioning and snagging before hopefully offering it for let over Christmas.

One minor irritation; my ENT appointment has been postponed to the end of this month, so we'll be stuck here or hereabouts until then anyway. We might manage some short trips out to abate both our hunger to do some boating and your desire for some proper boating posts!

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