Saturday, 2 March 2013

Decision made

For some time, and like a lot of retired folk trying to protect the value of their savings, we've been wondering what to do with a tranche of our money that's currently invested in fixed rate bonds due to mature in the next few months. The interest rates on offer are derisory and unlikely to get any better anytime soon, whether as ISA funds or ordinary ones, and the continuing turmoil in the eurozone makes the stock market and associated funds, whilst looking OK at the moment, a really risky area.

What we've decided to do is to buy one of the holiday lodges at Mercia and let it out via the marina office team. It will take a couple of years to build up custom and start seeing a decent return, but in the meantime the money will be invested in a solid piece of property and we get five years free mooring here as part of the package.

As an added feature, we plan to make the lodge both disabled friendly and dog friendly, on the basis that one reason folk choose to holiday in the UK is an unwillingness to get caught up in the hassle of air travel with wheelchair or pet. We may well decide to make a special deal for injured ex-servicemen via BLESMA or a similar charity. Graeme's time in the armed services has not resulted in permanent injury (so far and thank goodness) but it still seems appropriate to us to do something for those of his colleagues who have not been so lucky.

So, we've paid the deposit to reserve one of the plots (number 9 for those around here who might want to go and see which one) and now starts the process of meetings with the manufacturer of the lodges, PineLog, and with the marina sales team (that is, Tony).

It all makes for an exciting summer in prospect and for a revised cruising plan.

Finally, I must say hi to Mandy and Graham whom we met in the marina office this morning. Mandy reads the blog and tells Graham about it, I understand.



Anonymous said...
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Dave Mckenna said...

Bruce Ignore the person commenting above just a jealous person...basically wot i say to them is....if you dont like it why you reading the blog???????????

Anyway hope both you & Shelia are well congrats on buying a lodge but i cant wait for you to be out crusing the canals so i can read your blog and foloow your life crusing haha

Aloso crusied up to Acton bridge today on the t&m and passed sanity moored at Anderton. Looking good although needs a paintjob i think now...

Keep the blog up Bruce


Nev Wells said...


I like the idea of helping others, and ex service men and women deserve as much help as we can give them so you are to be commended on your decison and approach. I hope it is a success for you. I enjoy your openness, I have commented before that reading your blog gives a real sense of one life on the canals. Don't be put off by people who have not the strength of character to put their name to their thoughts. Look forward to reading about the build and install.

Take care

Nev NB Percy (btw Waterlily is now sold after survey, hand over next week is the plan, thanks for the plug, I will ask the buyer where he first saw her advertised. Not blogging about it until we have transferred as I think I went oo early last time !!)

Bruce in Sanity said...

Thanks both. I've deleted the anon comment - like you I don't understand folk who read blogs they don't like, but then I don't understand trolls at all, really.

We're trying a) to protect the value of our savings and b) provide some service to people less well off than ourselves. What's wrong with that?

All the best


Dave mckenna said...

Nothing at all wrong with that Bruce. I like the idea.

So your plans to head up the Llangollen are put on the back burner?


Bruce in Sanity said...

Yes, it's all up in the air. We need to talk to PineLog about the build slot for the lodge, then plan our cruising round that so as to be available for making decisions about furnishings and so on.

Hopefully, we'll be able to get a lot of the planning done in the next few weeks then head off whilst the thing's in build and come back for delivery in either late Summer or mid Autumn.

It's very like having a boat built in that sense, but with less supervision needed during the actual build.



Kevin said...

Hi Bruce & Sheila,
Please ignore the prats of this world, what you are planning to do is very noble. Be proud that you have the means to be so philanthropic.
Best wishes, Kevin & Harry

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your future investment I really hope it is a good money spinner for you, and it's great that you are thinking of our injured service personnel


Ex nb shellbell

Bruce in Sanity said...

Thanks Norwyn and Kevin, your support is greatly appreciated!

All the best


Ian and Allison said...

Good to you both! I'm sure your decision will prove a good one.