Friday, 1 March 2013

Busy, busy

We've been very busy today, but doing stuff that I am not ready to talk about here… Sorry to be a bit mysterious, but you know how it is sometimes when you're considering a course of action (an investment in this case) and it's just too soon to discuss it.

It's not been a very special day weatherwise, either, grey and gloomy. It turns out that the Met Office site was "upgraded" on Tuesday, with the result that it doesn't work properly in my copy of Safari or Firefox. It will work in Google Chrome, so I've got to decide if it's worth launching Chrome just to use the Met Office or to go over to using Metcheck for my weather forecasts.

Thing is, I've got used to the Met Office layout, as you do. I don't want to upgrade Safari particularly, but launching Chrome is an extra chore. Decisions, decisions…

Never mind, good end to the day when Helen came round for a natter and to discuss having a session with Elanor about one of her dogs who's proving a little resistant to discipline. That's scheduled for Sunday afternoon, so it'll be something to look forward to.

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