Friday, 8 March 2013

Busy Friday

Pace Jan's last comment, it really was a busy day today. Nine o'clock saw me heading off for the surgery where I had my first encounter with the Willington GPs. They were as good as promised, or at least Dr Khan was, and furthermore the repeat prescription is set to run for 12 months before it has to be reviewed. I'll be getting a diabetic review before that, in the Autumn as usual, so I'll still be being seen every six months, but it is handy not to have to worry about getting back here inside six months.

The only slight snag was that because I've been having some mutterings from my tum about the dispersible aspirin I'm on, I've been switched to the solid sort for a month to see if that goes down better. Unfortunately, the pharmacy didn't spot the change (they'd coped with my change of address and GP) and dispensed the dispersible stuff as usual.

So this afternoon we plodded back into the village to get it changed.

Before that some other aims had been achieved. I've finished formatting Practically Cooking On Board, so that's now on Sheila's Kindle for the final read through. I've got to finish doing the same with Tales from the Towpath and then we'll be ready to launch them on an unsuspecting world.

Straight after lunch, we let go from the pontoon and steered Sanity Again through the foggy gloom to the service wharf. I had an audience watching from the Midland Chandlers pontoon as I reversed on to the wharf, so of course made a bit of a mess of it. I started the turn too soon and ended up having to hop ashore with the centreline and do some heaving whilst chanting one of those traditional boater's imprecations, namely "Come here, you cow!"

Fortunately the departure went much better as did our re-berthing on our own pontoon. As we walked into the village, a 4x4 pulled up in the road and two folk got out and approached us. They didn't look too much like muggers so we weren't alarmed; it turned out to be Martin and Anna off One Day, Braidbar 140, which is just being finished off at Poynton this week.

They are going to moor here here in Mercia, on Lapwing pontoon, and had been the audience for my sloppy approach to the service wharf. They were kind enough to say that they hadn't noticed. Sometime later they'd been having a hot chocolate at the Willow Tree, recovering from spending money in Midland Chandlers, so had seen our return, Grebe pontoon being very visible from the Willow Tree veranda.

After all this activity (look I know it's not like being at work from half eight to half five, Elanor, but it's a lot for us, OK?), we were very glad to get back to the boat from the village and settle down to a well earned cup of tea.

Since Elanor's washing machine has broken down (anyone know a good repairman in the Burton area?) we're seeing her and Sally tomorrow so that she can get some clothes washed for next week.


Kevin said...

Hi Bruce,

I used this guy about five years ago for a washing machine repair. He did a great job at a very reasonable price!


Phone: 01332 345744 - Fax: 01332 515079


Bruce in Sanity said...

Thanks Kevin, I'll pass it on when Elanor arrives shortly.

All the best