Thursday, 7 March 2013

Dog to dog blog: Looking after the Old Ones

Hi guys

Here I am again, doing my best to be helpful to the AGPs who are spending far too much time just loafing about in the boat, if you ask me. Mind you, I see Grandpa's been getting some nasty remarks about this blog recently, so if I find out who it is, I suggest we all go round there and give them a serious woofing.

Had to do that this afternoon, come to think of it; I was dozing in my bed (tell you why in a bit) when there's this knocking on the roof. The AGPs were a bit slow off the mark, natch, so I gave a few good woofs to get them going. Turned out to be my mate Lloyd, so once Grandpa had staggered to his feet and opened the door I went and had a pat.

Not sure why he'd come, but he did say that my friend Ruby's Dad is in trouble again; he's dropped his tiller in the water. My friend Katie's Dad says he should be called Attila the None, but a) I don't understand that at all and b) it sounds a bit unkind to me. Mind you, knowing Ruby's Dad he probably doesn't mind. Last heard of he was fishing for it with a landing net.

Best bit of the day was this morning when we had a serious walk to the gravel pits and about time too. Even Grandma came and I got some decent dashing about after the birdies and bunnies. Slight problem just at the end as Grandpa was calling me back. I'd stuck my head and shoulders into a big load of brambles to have a chat with the bunnies in there and found that I couldn't get back out for a bit.

Mum was a bit worried when Grandpa told her about it when she phoned up at lunchtime, but it's OK, there's no damage done to my nice red collar.

The weather's been really wet 'n horrid this afternoon, and anyway I was pretty Jacob'sed* after the morning, so any time either of the AGPs looked like they were getting ready to go out I just shoved my nose well down under my tail in my bed and pretended to be asleep.

Didn't have to pretend much, to be honest, sleeping off the mega carrot I had for lunch.

That's about it for today

Take care all you lot

Loads of licks

Your friend


*cream crackered, geddit?

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Anonymous said...

Sticking your head in brambles is the best - it gets the greyhounds hours of attention while I pick thorns out of their baldy bits with fine tweezers. Then they get treats to make them lie still while I do it - result!

Sue, nb Indigo Dream

p.s. Ty says "grrrrrr" to all rude people..