Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Wintry Wednesday

It 's turned a bit chilly again; the threatened rain never showed up properly, with just a sprinkling of the stuff early on, but it's stayed misty and murky all day. As a result, we've sat tight in the boat, mostly, only venturing out to get the paper and to take washing to be tumble dried, apart from a trip to the Willow Tree at lunchtime.

It was very busy again; we joined Peter and Janet off the other Sanity, the one that's moored next to Alice on Finch pontoon. They were just finishing a coffee break and after a bit of chat set off as Stephen and Jayne turned up.

We had our usual merry lunch with them, followed by a chilly walk round the marina. They aren't coming to the talk tonight; they just like the excuse for a Willow Tree lunch, even if there were no Cornish pasties available today, shucks. I'd just fancied one myself, too, and had to settle for broccoli quiche and chips instead.

Sheila has finished proof reading Practically Cooking Onboard, so now I have to complete my final proof read of her book, Tales from the Towpath, and do the formatting on mine. Busy, busy and we have Sally to exercise tomorrow.

It's all go...


Anonymous said...

Busy, busy? Are you kidding? Your posts are all the same and you're hardly living the "boat life" moored in a marina with shoreline, free wi fi and in an artificial basin. Go out and "boat" if you have a boat. And you hardly have a busy life proof reading your own ebooks?!


Anonymous said...

Ooh Bruce, I hope that last comment is tongue in cheek - otherwise it's terribly rude - there's room on the waterways for all sort of boaters!

Sue, nb Indigo Dream

Bruce in Sanity said...

Thanks yet again Sue. I suspect it wasn't meant to be funny, though. I get one or two of these a year, so I'll repeat here what I usually say in response and I think I'll amend the header on the main page.

First off, this is my blog and I'll write just exactly what I want on it. If it's not to anyone's liking there are many other boating blogs that describe things differently.

Secondly, the aim is to give a feeling for what our life on board is like, both the plusses and the minuses and I think I largely achieve that. Some of it is frustrating, some very nice indeed and some quite stressful.

We ourselves would much rather be boating by now, but circumstances partly of our own making (the lodge) and partly not (my health) are preventing us from doing so. We hope to get out for a bit after we've been to PineLog, though the weather forecast isn't encouraging.

Finally, I've blogged a lot in the past about our life whilst we were continuously cruising and now I'm blogging about what it's like living in a marina. What's the problem with that?

All the best


Sheila Napier said...

And regrettably it is a fallacy that the wi-fi is free in Mercia.