Sunday, 31 March 2013

Dog to dog blog: Where's the Easter bunnies?

Hi guys

Mum and I are having our Easter hols on the boat – it's being pretty good, actually, with lots of kip and a steady supply of carrots. We've had a couple of decent walks with off-lead time both times – today Mum said part of the towpath was OK for off-lead work so I was able to do some extra bunny hunting.

Unfortunately, there are no buns in sight, chiz chiz. Personally, I blame this guy, last seen on a blog by a Kiwi ex-pat Aussie now lurking down south somewhere:

You'll notice that it's a black lab, a breed I'm always suspicious of ever since one gave me an unprovoked duffing up when I was a youngster.

Never mind, I'm having a great time here keeping the AGPs well exercised even though it's cold out.

The only downside is that I'm only being fed my dry food and the carrots – the humans were scoffing humungous great hip bone steaks yesterday and all I got were the odd bits of fat they didn't fancy. They're planning to have half a pig's leg tonight and I bet you I don't get any of that, either.

The AGPs are planning to pull out of the marina this week, so of course the water's frozen right across it. When they go I'll maybe get one more visit before they are out of reach.

Take care folks and watch out for those labs!

Loads of licks

Your friend



Ian and Irene Jameison said...

Woof woof Sally,
It's me Jade a real softy as black labs go. You remember.... we met at the AGPs boat parking place last year. We sort of got on didn't we??? Not all black labs are bad. Some of my bestest friends are labs, and my sister is one too!She's a bit more feisty then me so you don't want to go and mess with her. Anyway lets hope we meet for a good sniffing and as far as the bunnies are concerned, could you catch one for me cos I'm getting on a bit now and can't run so fast these days?
Woof thanks woof
Hopefully your new friend


Anonymous said...

Great post Sally - but I'm sorry that you didn't get an Easter bunny - life is very unfair.

I hope you get to meet Floyd and Fletcher one day - they're boating black labs and Lou chased them up and down the towpath one year - I'm sure you could do the same :-)

Ty is happy because we didn't go cruising all weekend and he almost stole my Easter egg this afternoon!

Sue, nb Indigo Dream

Sally said...

Hi girls

Good to hear from y'all!

I'm sure there're good labs about, I just haven't met many.

I should have said about the Easter eggs, I did get an early Easter pressie from Mum, but she won't let me take huge bones onto the boat.

Never mind, I'm on my way home now so shall get back to some serious knawing…

Take care