Monday, 1 April 2013

Will we, won't we?

We've had a very good weekend with Elanor and Sally, with a lot of walking and talking and some good eating if I say it myself. The leg of pork last night was particularly scrumptious, a bit of a relief as I'd used the recommendations in my own cookbook


Our guests left just before lunch, leaving us to have a quiet afternoon, at least on my part. Sheila has been up and down to the facilities block with washing to be tumble dried. She'd be doing that anyway on a Monday, but as it begins to look likely that we'll get away tomorrow she naturally wants to get as much done as possible whilst we're still on the shoreline.

Yesterday I thought we'd blown it again; the marina was frozen over completely but all the ice was gone by today. Unfortunately the wind has come back and I had to wrap up well to go dog walking this morning. Mind you the sun has come out as I type this and the forecast holds some faint promises of slightly warmer weather on the way.

If it still looks OK tomorrow, we'll make a break for it. As there's no serious prospect of a real change in the weather pattern any time soon, we'd rather set off in good time so as to be able to sit tight on the really grotty days than wait until the last possible moment and have to boat regardless or not. We need to be at Norbury by the first of May, so we won't be breaking any speed records.

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