Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Pottering Tuesday

On a lovely day (once the mist had cleared) we've been pottering about with stuff. The original plan had been to go into Burton to get Sheila's bus pass renewed, but fortunately she checked on line to see what documents she needed with her and guess what, the system's changed. Instead of trekking into the Council offices, you can now apply on line, whether for your first pass or a renewal.

If you've had a letter reminding you to renew, you don't even need to send in a photo. Otherwise, you have to get a digital photo taken and add it to your online application. We're going to leave it for another week to see if the letter turns up.

This meant that I was able to get on with finishing my book. It's now with Sheila for the first proof reading, which she's pretty well done, then it will need formatting and reproofing in its Kindle format. I still need to do this final proofing stage with Sheila's book and the two of them will be ready for uploading to the Kindle store.

It's all very exciting and just a shame that today is one of our no alcohol days this week, so interim celebrations will have to wait.

After taking our constitutional round the marina we popped into the office to pick up the confirmation letter for our reservation of plot 9. It looks as if it will be OK for us to go up to PineLog a week on Thursday, courtesy of Lloyd and Helen giving us a lift. After that we'll be clear to get away for a week or so and do a bit of local boating.

It's just a shame that this fine weather is going to break tomorrow…


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